​​​Working with disadvantaged children in America
Outreach In California Schools


In May 2015 we passed out 60 purity bracelets in a high school of about 140 students A few students took them because it became popular, but most students are wearing them as a testimony to their commmitment to "wait till marriage". Their bracelets read "I'm worth waiting for". 


Later in 2015 WOW organized a volleyball team for disadvantaged teens, who had never played sports. Here we are playing our first game against another high school and we got a 2 digit score even though we didn't win. We had fun! Relationships have continued with the girls beyond the game.

At the end of the year gifts of clothing or food were given to 50 disadvantaged teens.

In 2016 we moved to give out love and gifts in elementary schools.


TEACHER TRAINING  - South Sudan and Burkina Faso


South Sudan and Burkina Faso have some of the lowest literacy and education rates in the world. In 2011 we did teacher training in Sudan and assisted in starting a new first grade class.


In July 2014 we went to Burkina Faso to several remote villages of subsistance farmers, who have no written language.. We brought dozens of solar audio books in a trade language that most understand. Our local contact, who had conducted literacy classes in the area for 20 years, continues to visit with these people. We also gave gifts of 100 Moringa trees to each of the three villages we visited, to aid in the nutrition of nursing mothers and young children.



Helping leaders get more training to lead their own projects

We helped Nicolas ILLA, from Burkina Faso, to get 2 years of advanced training in the United States from September 2012 - May 2014. Nicolas has his own non-profit organization for literacy and community development. He trains  mothers how to use the Moringa leaves in their food to give themselves and their children better nutrition.


We gave Nicolas a computer and a number of educational training videos, which he shows weekly to the youth. We gave him a generator, which is currently broken down, so he has to rent a generator at the moment.


His two year education has given him an incredible boost of entrepreneurship that he can help his people, instead of waiting for the white people to bring development!


Maslow's hierarchy of basic needs is pictured to the right, and demonstrates how students without food, water, home, shelter from war.. will not be motivated to study.. WOW seeks to assist our students with basic necessities, as we are able.