Some people abandoned dreaming. We WOW them with services to help them succeed!


Do you enjoy being with kids? Are you a teacher wanting to help provide quality English education to children from a very different language and culture. Would you like to experience an exotic place beyond the experiences of your friends' vacation trips? We can help place you.



Where schools are lacking, we not only help start schools, but are involved in training teachers, and furthering adult education. We share  curriculum, manipulatives and teaching methodologies with the local educational authorities.




Poor rural areas and refugees in the third world have little opportunity to learn about computers. We help supply technology, as well as nutritional support and clothing.
$10000 could sent a 40ft container with $200000 of clothing, food and medical supplies. Do you have an older laptop to donate? Or could you give us money to buy supplies for refugees?

“We wanted you to continue the teacher training for 3 more months. We have been meeting weekly for the last four months listening to the audio recordings you made so we can review the lessons. This is exactly what our teachers need .”

John Makuey, Principal of Agape School in Malut, South Sudan